Dexter alternative for Shopify A/B Testing

More features. Better price.

We have more features to help you succeed with A/B Testing

Content A/B Testing

Red or Blue? Shop now or Buy now? With Lomio you can test different headlines, colors, images and a lot more with the click of a button!

Product A/B Testing

Increase revenue in no time. A/B Testing for your product prices, description and images. Boost your conversion rate without hassle!

Theme A/B Testing

AB Testing for your themes! Never launch big changes blindly! Test your new theme and compare results in one neat dashboard.

Not just Price A/B Testing, we have a lot more!

Price A/B Testing is not enough for successful results.
That's why with Lomio you can A/B Test your product's pricing, description and images all in one place!

On top of that, you have access to our Content and Theme A/B Testing features. All at a reasonable fixed price!
Compare Features
$15/month 😍
$3.99 per 100 visitors 😳
Content A/B Testing
Product A/B Testing
Theme A/B Testing
URL Split A/B Testing
Shopify 2.0 Approach
Heatmaps & Replay
coming soon
Email + 24/7 live chat

We do not charge a fortune 😇

Unlike Dexter, our pricing is fixed. We do not charge per visitors. You always know upfront what you're going to pay.
Let's see how much would 1 product
test with 5000 visitors cost.
Dexter charges $3.99 per 100 visitors, while we charge a fixed monthly price, based on your monthly orders.
*Information from public data

Best-in-class no-code editor. Point-and-click.

You can test different headlines, colors or CTAs with the click of a button.
Launch your test in under a minute.

Great companies use Pivot to power their business forward.

“Revived our brand!”
“Very intuitive.”
“An app every brand needs!”

Let's grow together!

Everything you need to run successful
Shopify A/B Tests.
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