Klaviyo or Mailchimp – What To Use in 2022

February 18, 2022

Different businesses use their industry-specific tools to carry out several important work functions to deliver important results.

However, choosing the tool that will provide the best business service is important to get the best result. As it concerns managing customer information, a tool that works today may not be great for your business tomorrow. Because of the growing number of new customers you are recording, you might need to upgrade your toolset to fit current customer needs.

Digitalization of several areas of sales and advertising is one of the key areas of generating revenue in business. Email is a key element that almost guarantees the success of an e-commerce business. This is because of the way it supports the sales and revenue generation areas of the business. Hence, it is important to pick a reliable email software that can scale with your business as it grows. 

Two of the top software packages that you probably know about are Klaviyo and Mailchimp. You are probably wondering which one of these would be best for managing my emails to my customers? Well, the answer is not that simple, as they both provide some top quality features. The lines that follow provide insights on what these platforms are best at and how their little differences may be the deciding factor for your business. 

Introducing Mailchimp

Hardly will you find anyone who has an e-commerce campaign running that does not know about Mailchimp. In a way, you can think about them as the incumbent email marketing platform that has been around since 2001. Because of their longstanding, they have a solid client base holding on to roughly 60% of the market share for all the right reasons. 

What about Klaviyo?

Over a decade later, Klaviyo came into the marketing platform scene to become a fast-growing and go-to email marketing tool for several businesses. For several people, deciding to switch to Klaviyo was strictly business and nothing more. Klaviyo is growing at a momentous rate and is getting customers onboard its platform for its great features.

However, these two platforms have their big selling features and other distinctive parts that make them appealing to different businesses. For these reasons, we must examine how they both compare.

Factors for Choosing Which Email Marketing Platform to Use

All email marketing platforms should be able to do the following:  send campaign emails, automate emails, create signup forms, leverage segmentation, and run A/B testing. Below are how both platforms rank in strengths and weaknesses according to these criteria


Mailchimp is a more affordable option when it comes to pricing when compared to Klaviyo. This is because the basic subscription to Mailchimp for 10,000 contacts costs $99 per month. This same subscription goes for $150 per month on Klaviyo. 

Pricing also depends on the features you want to use. While Klaviyo includes all the features on its platform, Mailchimp has its price list for certain features. You have to pay a little extra to unlock other features. 

Email Campaigns

You can easily jump on either of these platforms and get templates to get your email campaign ready on the go. You do not have to start from scratch when you are beginning a new campaign. However, both platforms offer a slightly different template when it comes to usability. 

Mailchimp offers templates that are set up in a way that guides its users through the process of writing an email. This makes it easier for you to compile a great email if you are new to the concept of email marketing. However, Klaviyo’s email templates are primarily for people who have experience and know what they want to achieve with the available templates. 

Email Automation

Automation of email marketing through different tools makes it easier for you to carry out certain functions. The main difference between the two platforms as it concerns automation is the number of layers that you can use. 

While Mailchimp offers some in-built automation, Klaviyo allows its customers to build and customize the available automation to automate any complex processes they might have. 

A/B testing

Testing is one of the best strategies a marketer can implement to know what works and what does not. To eliminate any type of guesswork that might be in the mix, A/B testing is essential for email creation. With Mailchimp, you get both manual and automatic A/B testing options. However, Klaviyo offers a more flexible way of running its A/B testing strategy.

You see, Klaviyo also includes variations and cadence. It allows its users to test up to seven variations of each email. All these are part of the features you get from whatever plan you select on the Klaviyo platform. 

Email Segmentation

Using analytics to get the best results is best for businesses. Klaviyo provides its users with access to a robust customer analytics dashboard that helps them forecast data points like churn rate and purchase predictions. These are based on customer engagement and behaviour. 

Mailchimp also offers a wide selection of reporting and engagement metrics that its users find useful for new campaigns. However, it does not compare to the option that Klaviyo provides. 

Making Your Decision

If you run an online business and need something that neatly works best for your online e-commerce business. Klaviyo is probably best for you. However, if you need a tool that will help you build your contact list from the ground up while managing contacts perfectly, Mailchimp might befor you. 

Both tools are great options for marketing. They offer great capabilities and distinct functionalities that help you achieve your digital marketing desires. 

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